We design & install decorative wall panels to protect showers and bathing areas.

Custom Bathroom Wall Surround Installation

Reach out to learn about installing a bathroom wall surround in your space with an attractive, sleek finish. Our Salt Lake City & St. George experts will walk you through the process.
Shower remodel example with gold fixtures
Shower remodel example with matte black fixtures
Show remodel example with etched tile look
Shower remodel example with silver

Why Install a Bathroom Wall Surround?

No matter your objective, we're here to enhance your home by making bathtub replacement a more enjoyable, accessible, and functional part of your space. Let's discuss your plans further.
Remodeled bathroom in Utah

Enhanced Aesthetics

Adding wall surrounds to your bathing space can instantly elevate its appearance. Choose from a wide range of design patterns, colors, and textures to match your unique style
Bathroom remodel concept

Waterproof Protection

Bathroom wall surrounds defend against water damage and mold growth in areas that are continuously exposed to moisture.
sketch of new shower design

Easy Maintenance

Tired of grout lines and hard-to-clean surfaces? Surround walls are non-porous and offer a low-maintenance solution that only requires a quick wipe-down. No harsh chemicals or gloves and scrubbing are needed, just Windex and a rag once a week on the walls and shower or tub and you're all set to go hit the links.

Our Services

Shower Replacement Services


Lifespan Bath Remodel's unique Impressions series merges the aesthetic of authentic Italian ceramic brick tiles with the robustness and ease of cleaning found in maintenance-free acrylic.

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walk-in tub and walk-in shower

Design Consultations

We want to understand your bathroom remodeling vision. That’s why our designers always start by discussing your preferences, budget, and needs.

Material Selection

We have over 400 different Acrylic walls panel selections for you to choose the best color and tile etching that you will love. We’ll help you browse a range of wall panel materials to identify the perfect solution.


We’ve been designing bathrooms for decades. When installing bath and shower surrounds, we measure meticulously to ensure a seamless, watertight seal.

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Tired of getting ready in an outdated bathroom? Discuss its aesthetic appeal with our design and installation team. A wall surround might be the key to upgrading the entire space.
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From start to finish

The Lifespan Process

Initial Consultation

Before touching your bathroom walls, we’ll schedule a get-to-know-you session. This free consultation helps us assess your current space, offer recommendations, and provide an accurate quote for your bathroom wall surround installation.

Design & Installation

No two bathrooms are exactly alike. To meet your precise needs, our designers will show you a variety of potential style options. Once you’ve selected your design and materials, we’ll handle every aspect of the installation.

Final Inspection

We’re expert installers, and we’re not happy with your wall surround until we’ve thoroughly inspected the final results. We’ll ensure every element of your bathroom remodel meets our high quality standards.

What to Expect From Us

Herringbone Tile Etching

Experienced Guidance

At Lifespan Bath Remodel, we bring industry-leading experience and expertise to every bathroom remodeling project. We want this to be a seamless, efficient experience.
Octogonal Tile Etching in vinyl

Custom Designs & Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a timeless design or a more modern look, we’ll work diligently to bring your vision to life.
roman tile etching vinyl

Commitment to Quality

Our acrylic shower and bath wall systems are the very highest quality materials available to ensure durability, longevity and appeal.
subway tile design vinyl panel

Attention to Detail

It's the little things that make the biggest difference. That's why we pay attention to every detail, from your precise wall measurements to the finishing touches.

Jumpstart Your
Bathroom Transformation

If you’re dealing with mold, discoloration, or moisture damage, an awful smell in your bathroom, let’s talk. We’ll walk you through the possibilities of installing a beautiful, high-end wall surround.

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Protect & Beautify Your Bathing Area

We believe your bathroom can be as stylish as it is functional. Get in touch today to see what we can do for your space – no matter its age or size.

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Bathtub Showcase

Below, you will find several examples of installed bathroom tubs.